Enable SSH in Headless Raspberry Pi Raspian

Raspberry pi official OS Raspian can be run as headless unit. SSH need to be enabled in order to have a full functional remote access. By default Raspian disables SSH. So Raspberry Pi released workaround to enable SSH during fresh start. Just follow the steps below; Download latest Raspian here Flash Raspian to a SD […]

Find IP Address of a Headless Raspberry Pi

Raspian OS for Raspberry Pi enables headless startup with SSH on fresh OS load. You can find out further here on how to enable SSH on fresh OS load. In order to SSH you device, we need Raspberry Pi ip address. Follow steps below to find your Raspberry Pi ip address. Connect LAN cable to […]

Solve “upload_max_filesize” in WordPress on Google Cloud Platform

Techworked has covered on how to set up WordPress on Google Cloud Platform HERE One of the problem encountered when setting up is ‘upload_max_filesize’ error. A limit set in php.ini causing this issue. On GCP platform, we have to use SSH and some linux commands to solve this issue. Techworked got you covered with the […]

GCP with Wordpress

WordPress on Google Cloud Platform

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) offers great features to support expanding web services. Thus, it is good to build our web services on this platform. Especially, e-commerce website will have great advantage as the GCP platform enables to upgrade services easily to support increasing customer base. Lets see how to deploy WordPress at GCP.

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