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Install Node.js v0.10 and Node Red on Raspberry Pi

After upgrading Node.js to latest release on Raspberry, seems Node-Red gets removed. Techworked will cover how to revert back to old Node.js in order to install Node Red.

  1. First part will be removing current Node.js installation
     sudo apt remove nodejs
  2. Let’s install Node.js version 0.10 required by Node Red in Pi
    sudo curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_0.10 | bash -
  3. List the available nodejs. Require -a inorder to list all the packages
    apt list nodejs -a
  4. Let’s install nodejs
    sudo apt install nodejs/stable
  5. Install node red
    sudo apt install nodered -y
  6. Node Red menu should appear back in Raspberry Pi menu
    Node Red on Pi
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