Daily Tips 002 – Speed Up Windows Startup

Do you face slow windows startup? Well there is an easy fix even a novice Windows OS user can do. Simply follow steps listed here.

The steps below is applicable for Windows 10 users only;

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Expand advanced options
  3. Click StartUp tab
  4. Now remove unnecessary startup applications. 

Well what are unnecessary applications? Basically when Windows 10 clean installed, only a few Microsoft applications added here, such as Onedrive and windows defender. Other apps are added by software installers to fast load application whenever necessary. You can safely disable any applications and reboot windows. Just re-enable back if any of the application fail to start normally.

Recommended applications to be left enabled;

  1. Anti-virus (such as windows defender, bitdefender, kaspersky and more)
  2. Any file sync apps (onedrive, google drive and more)
  3. Hotkey controls (Optional)
  4. Touchpad controls (Optional)
  5. HD audio control (Optional)
  6. Graphic software (Optional)
  7. Any other as necessary

Any update utilities are unnecessary as we can run those manually. You can find unknown application details by using Internet search engines such as Google.

For advanced users, you can use more advanced startup utility from Microsoft called Autoruns.

Get the application here

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