Solve Network Computers Not Showing in Windows 10

Microsoft windows has inbuilt function to discover network connected computers in Private and Public networks. When you share a file or folder over a network, it is visible to all the computers connected in the same network. In order to get to the shared file, we need to discover the shared computer or in the […]

How to Remove Windows 10 Default Apps

Windows 10 built-in with default apps which can’t be uninstalled as per ordinary apps. Ordinary apps can be uninstalled using right-click menu or using add remove application. Special method required for removing non removable apps. simply follow any of the methods as below;

Enable SSH in Headless Raspberry Pi Raspian

Raspberry pi official OS Raspian can be run as headless unit. SSH need to be enabled in order to have a full functional remote access. By default Raspian disables SSH. So Raspberry Pi released workaround to enable SSH during fresh start. Just follow the steps below; Download latest Raspian here Flash Raspian to a SD […]

Find IP Address of a Headless Raspberry Pi

Raspian OS for Raspberry Pi enables headless startup with SSH on fresh OS load. You can find out further here on how to enable SSH on fresh OS load. In order to SSH you device, we need Raspberry Pi ip address. Follow steps below to find your Raspberry Pi ip address. Connect LAN cable to […]