Windows Apps Remover

Tool to remove Windows 10 default apps. Removes apps which by default unable to be removed from Add Remove program




Windows 10


1. Basic Apps List (Recommended)

Show list of apps that safetly can be removed

2. Advanced Apps List

Show entire apps. Be caution when removing as it might be critical component

3. Remove Multiple App in a Single Click

Select all the apps to be removed using available checkbox.





– updated dot net

– added removing information

– bugfixes


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One thought on “Windows Apps Remover

  1. Justin says:

    What is really needed here is for a way to save/load a custom list of apps to remove. Ideally, the program would look for that list at startup and auto-select the ones in the list. To have to manually select a set of apps every time would be very tedious and error-prone. You might say to just use a script then, except that a script doesn’t allow on-the-spot decision making either, which is what the GUI excels at, as well as adapting to changing circumstances (like new apps being delivered – I assume your GUI is dynamic, and not based on a static list of apps).

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