Weekly Tips 003 – Recover Additional Hard Disk Space in Windows

Disk space in windows runs low? Unable to find what took your extra space? We will guide you how to recover these additional space went missing.

Basically Microsoft windows has built-in features which takes extra precautionary step when installing update or upgrades. Mostly known as backup in common term.

Following are a list of items which might not need anymore if your computer works well after an update or upgrade;

  1. windows.old  (snapshot of your windows folder)
  2. system restore points
  3. recycle bin
  4. temporary files
  5. others

These items are not cleared automatically by windows in short-term. But Microsoft has provide a great tool called Disk cleanup.

Using this we can clear out this unused items. Follow the steps below;

  1. Open start menu and type ‘disk cleanup’. Click to open.
  2. It will start analyzing your system
  3. Then click Clean up system files at left bottom
  4. Let it analyze again
  5. Once done we able to view a large size of files can be cleaned up. ( about 28.2Gb files can be cleaned. This is due to windows upgrade)
  6. Check the necessary items. (It is safe to delete listed files in this Tool. Disk cleanup utility does not harm your system files or personal files)
  7. Press ok to clean all these files.
  8. To clean up system restore files, follow step 1-4. Then click More Options tab.
  9. Then click Clean up… under System Restore and ShodowCopies section

Voila … you should see more space available at My Computer.

Further information at Microsoft Website here

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