Solve Network Computers Not Showing in Windows 10

Microsoft windows has inbuilt function to discover network connected computers in Private and Public networks. When you share a file or folder over a network, it is visible to all the computers connected in the same network. In order to get to the shared file, we need to discover the shared computer or in the other way can use network address. For ease of use, Microsoft Windows inbuilt with network discovery to show all computers connected to a particular network. But majorly, most of us face problems to discover these computers over the network. Techworked has listed possible problems and solutions to these problems;


  1. Client PC – PC to receive or find network connected computer
  2. Shared PC – PC which contains shared file or folder (such as server or any windows PC)

Possible issues;

  1. Discovery not enabled in network settings for Client PC
  2. PC visibility not enabled in the network Shared PC
  3. Required Windows services shutdown
  4. Windows firewall
  5. Third party firewall or antivirus systems

Solution for 1&2: Enable discovery in Client PC and Shared PC

  1. Go to Network & Internet settings
  2. Select Sharing Options
  3. Enable items as per in image

Network and sharing manager

For Private Network

Windows Network Sharing Options

For Public network

Windows Network Sharing Options

Solution for 3: Renable required windows services

Click Start Button and type in Services.msc . Open the services application and check for the items below. If any of the item is not started, right-click and press start. In order for the service to run again on the next boot, it must be in automatic start mode.

  1. DNS Client
  2. Function Discovery Resource Publication
  3. SSDP Discovery
  4. UPnP Device Host
    Windows Services

Solution for 4: Allow windows firewall settings

Click start button and type in Firewall. Select Allow an app through firewall. Make sure the items shown below are checked.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall

Solution for 5: Check third party firewall or security settings

One of the well know Security company Bitdefender product has built-in setting for PC discovery disabling. Check more details on this here.

Bitdefender Firewall

You may find the same for other security softwares in their respective support websites.

Solution 6 (in case all above not solving): Reset Network

Finally. If the above items unable to solve your issues, then it is best to perform network reset. Windows 10 comes with network reset option.

  1. Open Network & Internet settings
  2. Find Network reset in the status page
  3. Click reset and PC will be restarted.
  4. Try reconnecting to network again

Network and sharing manager


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