Improve Raspberry PI VNC Display Resolution

Simple solution to improve remote viewing Raspian desktop through VNC.

Follow Steps Below to Enable High Resolution VNC Raspian

  1. Power Up Raspberry Pi

    Connect the USB power and waiting 1-2minutes until its boots and start the vnc server

  2. Connect through VNC to your Raspberry Pi

    Specify Raspberry Pi ip address and password. Password will be ‘raspberry’ if you haven’t change the default password.

  3. Current VNC Resolution

  4. Go to Raspberry Pi Configuration in Start Menu

    Select Pi Configuration. Wait for window to popup.

  5. Click Set Resolution

    Find Set Resolution button.

  6. Select Highest available resolution and click Apply

    Depending on your connection, select the best resolution available. Then press ok.

  7. Raspberry Pi needs to be restarted for the new resolution to take effect

    Apply the setting. A popup will show to reboot pi.

  8. Connect to VNC again after boot.

    You will be able to use this new resolution immediately.

Full step by step video as below.

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