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Useful Linux Commands for Terminal


List of Useful commands for starters in Linux (constantly updated 13/8/16)

lspci –> Lists all controllers connected to PCI

lspci | grep VGA –> Lists all available graphic controllers connected to PCI

lspci | grep Audio –> Lists all available audio controllers connected to PCI

lsusb –> Lists all connected USB controllers

ifconfig –> Lists all available network devices in detail

apt-get –> Get os updates

cd –> Change the current directory

chmod –> Change file permission

cp –> Copy file and directories

echo –> Display or repeat a string

exit –> Terminate a script

grep –> Searches for specific string

ifup –> Enables a network device

ifdown –> Disables a network device

ls –> Lists files and directories

netstat –> Provides information and statistics of connected TCPIP connections

nslookup –> Finds a specific ip or hostname in the network

ping –> Used to test connectivity

ps –> lists running process

pwd –> Shows current working directory

shutdown –> Turn off, restart and more

sudo –> Provides system admin capability

SSH –> Remote access to securely gain access to another computer on network

wget –> Gets file from remote network location

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